officers & Committees

Officers are elected by a majority vote and serve for a term of two years.  To be an officer, members must be in good standing according to the Club’s governing body, the by-Laws.


Estell Mathis-Lloyd

1st Vice President

Andrea Murray

2nd Vice President

Rhonda Malone

3rd Vice President

Abigail Truhart

Corresponding Secretary

Tiera Savwoir

Recording Secretary

Faye Callwell

Financial Secretary

Karen Griffin


Debra Barlow

delegate to State committee

Cozette Thomas


Alice Love


Dianah Shaw


Donna Ellis


Dianah Shaw


Donna Ellis


MWDC has eight standing committees.  The chair of each committee is appointed by the President and serves for a term of two years.   The standing committees are:


Amenities – regularly reviews and updates amenities criteria and sends out notifications and well wishes to membership regarding illnesses, deaths, marriages, and births.


By-Laws – receives proposed amendments from regular members in good standing and presents them to the membership for vote; reviews existing Bylaws and whenever necessary, draws up proposed revisions for presentation to the membership for vote; and files amendments with the appropriate DC agencies.


Communication – disseminates information on events and activities sponsored by MWDC, DCFDW, NFDW, and other organizations with similar interests.


Fundraising – develops and implements activities and events to raise funds to support approved programs and responsibilities.


Legislative – monitors relevant local and federal legislation and reports on developments at regular Club meetings.


Membership – receives and acknowledges all applications for membership; plans an orientation for all new members; plans membership recruitment drives; plans an annual installation ceremony for new members to be held in March; ensures that all new members receive copies of the History of the Club, the Constitution and Bylaws, and other relevant materials; and seeks to reactivate delinquent members pursuant to the Constitution and Bylaws.


Program – plans, organizes, and presents special programs during the club year.

Women In Blue – advocates on behalf of the Club’s policy priorities.



*Taken from our current bylaws.